Solomon Lewis

Last Will and Testament

October 5, 1850 to September 21, 1930



I, SOLOMON LEWIS, of the City of Chicago, County of Cook and State of Illinois, being of sound and. disposing mind and memory, do hereby revoke any and all former Wills or Codi­cils by me made, and do make, ordain, publish and declare this as and for my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT.

FIRST: I direct that my Executors hereinafter pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as conveniently as may be.

SECOND: After the payment of such debts and funeral expenses, I give, devise and bequeath unto my son CHARLES T Lewis, the sum of 0ne THOUSAND ($1000.00) DOLLARS.

THIRD:        I give, devise and bequeath unto my son ELIJA Lewis,the sum of ONE THOUSAND ($1OOO.00) DOLLARS.


FOURTH;    I give, devise axed bequeath unto my

granddaughters JUDITH LEWIS and SHIRLEY LEWIS, the children of my son David Lewis, each the sum of TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ($250.„00) DoLLARS, with the request that their father, David Lewis, act as their guardian during their minority.

FIFTH'        I give, devise and bequeath unto my grand­

children CHARLES Lewis, HOWARD LEWIS and RICHARD LEWIS, the children of my son Jacob Lewis, the sum of FIVE HUNDRED ($500.00) DOLLARS to be divided equally between the three, share and share alike, and I request that their father, Jacob Lewis, act as their guardian during their minority.




I give, devise and bequeath to my son David Lewis the sum of two thousand ($2,000) dollars.


I give, devise and bequeath unto my niece SYLVIA ROSENTHAL the sum of ONE HUNDRED($100) DOLLARS.

EIGHTH:  All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, real, personal and mixed of  every kind and description, wheresoever situated of which I may die seized and possessed or to which I may be entitled at the time of my death, unto BENJAMIN W. LEWIS and LENA LEWIS (hereinafter called Trustees) uses and purposes hereinafter expressed. I do hereby authorize empower and direct my said Trustees to take possession of all of the estate, real, personal and mixed, herein devised and bequeathed to them and to invest and reinvest said trust estate in the name of my said Trustees in any bonds or securities of the United States, or any of the States thereof, or in any City, County, Town, Village or School District of any of the United States, or of building, railway or manufacturing enterprise, or in first mortgage on im­proved or unimproved real estate in the State of Illinois, or in the purchase of real estate, unproved or unimproved in fee simple title, as to my Trustees seem best for my said trust estate, with power to vary the investment of my said trust estate from time to time for any other or others of the character above specified, in

the discretion of my said Trustees.  And I do further authorize and empower my Trustees to manage, care for, improve,  protect, con­trol, deal with and dispose of my said trust estate or any part thereof, in their discretion in any and every way in which I could have managed, cared for, improved, protected, controlled, dealt with, and disposed of the same, if living; to contract to sell on any terms at public or private sale or sales, for cash or credit or part cash or part credit, to convey wither with or without consideration, to donate, to dedicate, to mortgage, pledge or otherwise encumber, to lease

said real estate or any part thereof, from time to time, by leases to commence in presenti or in future, and upon any terms and for any period or periods of time as my said Trustees may decide, and to renew or extend leases upon any terms and for any periods of time, and to amend, change or modify leases and the terms and pro­visions thereof any time or times hereafter, to partition and re­partition and to exchange and re-exchange said property or any part thereof  for real estate or personal property, to release, convey, to assign any rights, title or interest in or about said premises; to construct and reconstruct, remodel, alter, repair, and to take away buildings on said premises and to deal with said real estate and every part thereof in all other ways and for such other consi­deration as it would be lawful for any person owning the same to deal with the same whether similar to or different from the ways above specified, at any time or times hereafter, and I do further authorize my said trustees from time to time to borrow money or pledge as security for the payment thereof all or any part of the personal estate forming a part of my trust estate. In no case shall any party to whom said trust or any part thereof is conveyed, contracted to be sold, leased or mortgaged by said trustees, and in no case shall any party dealing with said trustees in relation to said trust estate be obliged to see to the application of any purchase money, rent or money borrowed or advanced on said trust estate, or be obliged to enquire into the necessity or expediency of any act of said trustees; any action taken try by said trustees or by my Executors (hereinafter named) shall be conclusive upon all beneficiaries under this Will; and my said Executors and my said trustees  be responsible to any beneficiary  under this will for any errors made or losses incurred by my said Executors or by my said Trustees in the valuation of any of such assets belonging to my estate, real or personal, or the handling or distribution of the same. I direct my said trustees to collect the income from said trust estate and from such income my trustees shall first pay all the necessary costs and expenses of this trust, including outlays necessary for the protection, management and upkeep of said trust estate, repairs, taxes (general, special, income and inheritance), outlays necessary for insurance, care and maintenance of said trust estate and the reasonable compensation of my Trustees.

I hereby direct and authorize my said Trustees, in their discretion, to advance from time to time to any of my heirs, as occasion may arise, such sum or sums as in their discretion is necessary and needful, charging such sum or sums so advanced to their respective shares in the trust hereby created and the net income thereof.

I hereby direct that all estate, inheritance and other taxes and all duties, transfer charges and expenses which may he levied or incurred in connection with any bequests, legacies or devises contained in this Will shall be paid out of the corpus of my estate by said Executors and Trustees.

I hereby direct that said trust estate shall continue for a period   of five years from the date of my death, at which

time the trust herein and hereby created shall cease and be determined and my trustees shall thereupon transfer, pay over, deliver and convey the entire corpus of said trust estate then in their hands, together with all undistributed income and the accumulations thereof in equal proportions, share and share alike, among my children.

In case of the death of any children, leaving lawful issue surviving, I direct my said Trustees to pay the net amount that would go to such child or children, if living, to such issue, said issue to take per stirpes and not per capita.


I have made no other and specific bequests in this Will to my children BENJAMIN W. LEWIS, LENA LEWIS, ETHEL A. LEWIS, IDA. J. LEWIS, ABRAHAM H. LEWIS and JACOB LEWIS as I have already provided for them during my lifetime by conveying to them certain real estate in the City of Chicago, County of Cook and State of Illinois, for which deeds have been delivered to them and placed on record in the Recorder's Office of Cook County, Illinois.

In case of the death, removal from the State of Illinois, or inability to act in such capacity of either of said Trustees hereinabove named, I hereby direct that the remaining trustee shall continue to act as such and carry out the terms of said trust in the same manner as though he or she had been originally appointed trustee of my said estate.

I hereby appoint BENJAMIN W, LEWIS and LENA LEWIS of the City of Chicago, County of Cook and State of Illinois, the Executors of this, my Last Will and Testament and the Trustees of My Estate, hereby requesting that no bond be required of my Executors or Trustees, or either of them, other than their personal bond without surety.

This, my Last Will and Testament, consists of Five (5) typewritten pages, this page included, each of which bears my signature on the margin thereof.



Inventory of Solomon Lewis’s Estate



In the Matter of the Estate of SOLOMON LEWIS deceased:

Docket 298, Page 526, File 159636




1.  Good and chattels – none.

2.  Cash on deposit in Hyde Park Kenwood Nationa; Bank (Closed)         $57.50

3.  New York Life policies 207495 and 207496                                         1,717.52

4.  First Mortgage Real Estate Gold Bonds totaling $7,000 as follows,

     each having a face value of $500.00, but actual value unknown:

            Clark-Diversey #1806

            Stan-Villa #307

            Kling Brothers #826

            Rosemere Apartments #310

            Hotel Lennox #126 and #127

            Harwood Block #349

            Produce Merchants Bldg. #54

            Allington Apartments #179

            Melford Apartments #108

            Surf Apartment Hotel

            Roslyn Apartments

            Decker Buildings #56 and #57


5.         10 shares common stock Standard Oil of Indiana                            $140

6.         Note of William L. Thurman secured by first mortgage

            on property at 3608 LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois,

            principal sum of $3,500 value Unknown.