Census Data for Lewis & Progeny

Lewis, formerly known as                  who lived in Iowa County Wisconsin 1880 forward


1870 ILL Cook Co. Chicago Wd3 June 18, 1870 pg 135(331) Image 135-449 659-1049 Lewis, Harris m.32 Glazier Poland md w/in yr(June)                          wf                     Augusta f.21 kp H Poland md w/in yr(June)


1880 WI Iowa Co. Linden dist.153 June 11, 1880 pg 15 (106)         image 15-47 149-149 Lewis, Solomon m.29 Gen'I merchandise R.P(Russian-Poland)Suvelsky

wf                     Esther f.22                                    RP Suvelsky

son           (?) Asel m.3                                      ILL, RP. RP.

son           Abraham m.1                                    WI RP. RP


1880 WI Iowa Co. Highland dist.152 June 1, 1880 pg 43             148-50 440-449 Lewis, Harris m.31 Dry Gds Dealer Russ/Poland R.Poland R.Poland


Augusta f.30



It                                            It






Julius m.9

Mendel m.7

Abraham m.5

Lillian f.3

Moses m. 24





Russ/Poland, R.P



servant Conroy, Mary f.19                        WI Ire Ire


1900 ILL Cook Co. Chicago W.4 dist.88 June 4, 1900 pg 5a(261)            9-27

536-54-57 Lewis, Sol m.50 and 24y b.Aug 1849 Rus Rus Rus emig 1869 31y na G'I Merch.


Esther f.42 and 24y ch10Lg10 b.Oct 1857 Rus R R emig 1871


Abraham m.21

b.Apr 1879

WI Rus Rus Clerk


Elijah m.19

b.Apr 1881

WI Rus Rus student


David m.17

Oct 1882

WI Rus Rus city buyer


Max m.14

June 1885

WI Rus Rus at sch


Lena f.12

Dec 1887

WI Rus Rus "


Agnes f.10

Oct 1889

ILL Rus Rus "


Jacob m.7

Nov 1892

ILL Rus Rus


Benj. m.2

June 1897

ILL Rus Rus


Ida f.1

Apr 1899

ILL Rus Rus


1900 WI Iowa Co. Highland Vill. dis.63 June 8, 1900 pg 6b            12-19

119-121 Lewis, Harris m.51 Md 31y        b.Aug 1848 Russ Russ Russ 1868 32y na mine op.


Gilde f.50 and 31y 8chLg7 Aug 1849 Ger Ger Ger 1868 32y


Emanuel m.28

May 1872

ILL Rus Ger painter


Rebecca Lily, f.23

Apr 1877

ILL Rus Ger


Manick Gordon m.17 Mar 1883

WI Rus Ger at sch


Agnes f. 14                 Dec 1885

WI Rus Ger at Sch


1900 WI Iowa Co. Highland Vill. dist 63 June 4, 1900 pg 2b          4-19 46-47 Lohr, John Fredrick m.26 and 3y Dec 1873 WI Ger Ger physician

wf            Hargrunde Anna f.26 and 3y 1ch1Lg Jan 1874 WI MO ILL

dau          Constance R. f. 2        Aug 1899 WI WI WI

Lewis, Abe m.25 sing. July 1874 ILL Rus Ger Salesman


1900 WI Iowa Co. Highland Vil. dist.63 June 13, 1900 pg 19 19-19

183-186 Lewis, Moses m.43 and 16y July 1856 Russ Russ Russ emig 1864 31y Merch.& Mine








Anna f.37 and 16y 5ch5Lg Aug 1862 Ger Ger Ger

Edith f.15          May 1885

Samuel m.13      Aug 1886

WI Rus Ger

Wi Rus Ger

WI Rus Ger

Lena f.11

Jan 1889


Abe m.9

Dec 1890

WI Rus Ger


Sarah f.4

Feb 1896

WI Rus Ger














1910 ILL Cook Co. Chicago Apr 18, 1910 pg 3b 6[27 Wabash Ave.

Lewis, Solomon m.59 md.1.34y Russ Russ Russ 1869 na dry gds Store Prop. Esther f.52 md1.34y Russ Russ Russ 1873 Elijah m.29

David m.26 Max m.24 Lena f.22 Ethel A. f.19 Jacob m.17 Benj.m.12 Ida f.10

WI Russ Russ Elec Engineer WI Russ Russ retail store sales WI Russ Russ

WI Russ Russ Printer ILL Russ Russ ILL Russ Russ ILL Russ Russ ILL Russ Russ

1910 WI Iowa Co. Highland d.56 Apr 15, 1910 pg 2b 4-22

47-52 Lewis, Harris        m.62 md1.40y Rus(Pol) RP RP Zinc mine superintendent

wf                     Gildis f.59 mdl.40y 8ch7Lg "                "

son       Benjamin 07                  ILL RP RP house painter

son                  Abe m.34           ILL RP RP dry gds salesman

dau                  Agnes f.24          WI RP RP

svt Delkamp, Mamie f.20 WI ? ? housekeeper


1910 Wt Iowa Co.Highland d.56 Apr 15, 1910 pg 8a(139) 15-22 162-176 Lohr, John Jr. m. 35

Margarite 06 (nee Chotvinaiving wlher parents) Constance f.12

163-177 Lewis, Samuel m.23 mdl. Oy WI Ger Ger Dry gds salesman wf     Dora f.22 md1. Oy WI NY Wi


1910 WI Iowa Co. Highland d.56 Apr 15, 1910 pg 11x(142) 21-22 224-237 Lewis, Anna f.46 wid. 5ch5Lg Ger Ger Ger

dau                  Edith f.24                      WI Ger Ger dry gds saleslady

son                  Abe m.19                      Wi Ger Ger dry gds salesman

dau                  Sarah f.14                     WI Ger Ger


1920 WI Iowa Highland d.157 January 21, 1920 pg 7a(91) 13-35 148-157 Lewis, Abe m.45   ILL Rus Rus (can't read)

wf                     Kate 09             WI Bohemia Boh.

149-158 Lewis, Harris m.70 Russ(Hebrew)Rus(Heb.)Rus(Heb.) merchant

wf                     Gildred f.70        It                                                      11                                                 "

son                  Ben m.46           ILL Rus Rus Printer

son                  Gordon m.36 WI Rus Rus Salesman

dau                  Agnes f.34         WI Rus Rus stenographer


1920 ILL Cook Co. Chicago wd6 d.367 1-5-1920 pg 1 b 2-19

12 Lewis, Solomon m.68 emig.1871 na 1879 Rus Rus Rus Owner retail dry gds wf  Esther f.61 emig.1873 Rus Rus Rus

son       Max, m.33sing. WI Rus Rus Clerk

dau Lena 01                  WI Rus Rus none

dau       Ethel f.28          ILL Rus Rus Sch Teacher

son       Ben W. m.22 ILL Rus Rus none

son       Jacob m.26        ILL Rus Rus Architect oil comp,

dau       Ida f.20             ILL Rus Rus none


1930 ILL Cook Co.Chicago wd5 4.182 4-18-1930 pg 13a(33) 25-33 Woodlawn Ave.

317 Lewis, Solomon m.80 wid. Lithuania Lith Lith emig 1869 na no ac. dau Lena f.41 sing. WI Lith Lith proofreader for publisher
dau       Ethel f.39 sing. ILL Lith Lith school teacher
dau       Ida f.31 sing.     ILL Lith Lith stenographer-book comp.

1930 MN Hennepin Co. Minneapolis dist.159 4-4-1930 pg 4a(4) 7-42 James Ave. South

175 Lewis, Anna f.65 wid and age 21y Ger Ger Ger emig.1883 na no oc. dau          (lean f.42 sing.   MN Ger Ger bkkpr-grain elevator

dau       Edith f.44 sing.              MN Ger Ger bkkpr-grain elevator

dau       Sarah f.30 sing.             MN Ger Ger Stenographer


Children of Harris:1900 & 1930

1900 ILL Cook Co.Chicago wd2 d.48 June 7,1900 pg 11b 21-24 State St. South Town

237 LEWIS, J. H. m.28 and 7y b.May 1872 ILL Rus Rus Bkkpr wf  Carrie f.25 and 7y 2ch2Lg June 1874 NY Rus Rus

dau       Ethel f.6           Apr 1894 ILL ILL NY

son       Seymour m.4 Jan 1896 ILL ILL NY


1910 ILL Cook Co.Chicago w.2 d.177 Apr23,1910 pg 6b 12-23 E. 25th St.

124 Barnett, Lena f.54 wid. 9ch7Lg Rus Rus Rus 1875 own income son     Philip m.26 sing. ILL Rus Rus retail store

dau       Beatrice f.15              ILL Rus Rus none

dau LEWIS, Carrie f.34 md1.17y 2ch2Lg ILL Rus Rus none grdau  Ethet f.15          ILL W1 ILL

grson Seymour m.14                 ILL Wi ILL


1920 ILL Cook Co. Chicago wd7 d.446 Jan 11,1920 pg 2a 3-18 32 Akers, Dwight m.32 and KS WI PA secretary wf          Emily f.29             MN NY ILL Social worker lodger LEWIS, SEYMOUR m.24 sing. ILL ILL ILL attorney

1930 ILL Cook Co.Chicago w.4 d.123 Apr 7, 1930 pg 10a 45-52 Ingleside Ave.

172 LEWIS, SEYMOUR M. m.34 and age 26 ILL ILL ILL Lawyer wf            Marcia E. f. 35 and age 27 CO MO WI lawyer

son          Marshall m.4 10/12          ILL ILL CO

Eisner,Marie f.62 Wid. Mo-in-law WI NY NY clerk-munic.Ct

Bailey, May f.35 wid servant Ire Ire Ire



1930 WI Grant Platteville wd8 d.47 Apr 21,1930 pg 1b 2-8 Main St.

LEWIS, JULIUS H. m.60 and age 57 ILL Poland Poland Justice of Peace officer wf          Ida G. f.42 and age 39 WI Ger WI


1930 ILL Cook Co. Chicago w.3 d.2409 4-10-1930 pg 2b 4-26 Ellis Ave.

38 Zumwalt, Glen m.24 MO US US chauffeur truck co. wf  Pearl f.21          ILL ILL ILL

dau        Glenna f.2           ILL MO ILL

son       Preston m.1      ILL MO ILL

Ldgr Cafferty,Robt C.m.33 sing. Mich Mich Mich chauffer-taxi

Ldgr LEWIS, EMANUAL m.56 sing. WI Poland Poland Sign Painter


1930 WI Iowa Co. Highland Vill.dis.13 4-2-1930 pg 1b 2-15

23 LEWIS, ALBERT A. m.55 and age 39 ILL Russ Ger Gen'l Store Mgr wf Kate f.49 and age 33      WI Bohemia W

1910 WI Iowa Linden d.57 May 3, 1910 pg 13a(155) 25-39 Franklin St.

241 Jacobs, Isaac M. m.40 md1.8y Rustier/Rustier/Rustier emig.1888 Retail Clothing merchant

wf         LILLIAN f.33 md1.8y 3ch3Lg ILL Rustier Ger

son       Emanuel m.6 Ind. Rustier ILL

son       David m.3          WI Rustier ILL

1920 WI Iowa Linden d.160 Jan 2,1920 pg la(121) 1-27 Franklin St.

13 Jacobs, Isaac m.46 and Rus Rus Rus merchant retail clothes wf           LILLIAN f.42 and            ILL Rus Rus

son       Emanuel m.16 IND Rus ILL

son       David m.13        WI Rus ILL

dau       Velma f.9          WI Rus ILL

1930 Wl Waukesha Co. Oconomowoc d.27 Apr 4,1930 pg 3b 6-17 E. Wis Ave.

79 Jacobs, Isaack m.57 and age 30

GerGer Ger 1872 Clothing Merchant


Annie f.49 and age 25

Rus Rus Rus 1903


Emanuel H. m.27

Ind Ger WI clothing store salesman


David J. m.23

WI Ger WI clothing store salesman


Velma P. f.20

WI Ger WI teacher -- major in history

1930 ILL Cook Chicago wd3 d.2409 4-12-1930 pg 4a(49) 7-26 Ellis Ave.

63 Totsche, Ruby f.52 and age 44 ILL OH OH none

lodger LEWIS, ISAAC m.48 sing. WI Lith Ger. Bronze Comp.Salesman lodger LEWIS, GORDON m.46 sing WI Lith Ger baseball umpire lodger LEWIS, AGNES f.44 sing WI Lith Ger stenog.Dr's office


Sons of Solomon;

1920 ILL Cook Co. Chicago wd7 d.398 1-2-1920 pg 1b 2-20

20 LEWIS, ABRAHAM m.40 and WI Poland Poland dry gds merchant wf   Gisella f. 39       Rus Rus Rus

son       Leon m.12         ILL WI Rus

1930 ILL Cook Co.Chicago wd5 d.181 4-1-1930 pg12a 23-39 Greenwood Ave

284 LEWIS, ABRAHAM H. m.51 and age 25 WI Poland Poland Cothing Salesman wf         Gisella f.50 and age 24 Hungary Hungary Hungary

son       Leon H. m.22                ILL WI Hungary general advertising


19201A Polk Co. DesMoines wd.1 d.88 1-9-1920 pg 9a(238) 17-28

45th St.

224 LEWIS, ELIJAH m.38 WI Rus Rus Comt.Elec. Comp.

wf         Grace f.38         MO TN ILL1930 ILL Cook Co. Chicago 4-4-1930 p.21(22) 3-33

Woodlawn Ave.

roomer Jack, Lillian f.38 sing. IA IA OH cashier hotel

19301A Polk Co. DesMoines d.6 4-9-1930 p.15a(210) 29-65

45th St.

165 LEWIS, ELIJAH E. m.48 and age 29y           WI Russ Russ radio Salesman

wf              Grace L. f.50 and age 31y MO TN ILL

Crocket, Margaret R. f.74 wid. ILL ILL ILL Mother in Law


1920 MO St Louis Co. St Louis wd.28 d.587 1-16-1920 pg 18b 36-39 McPhemock Ave.

424 LEWIS, DAVID m.35 W1 Russ Russ mgr chemical & oil camp. wf       Marian f.34        Russ Russ Russ

dau       Judith D. f.7           ILL WI Russ
dau       Shirley f. 11112 ILL WI Russ
Alma f.26 sing. WI Ger WI maid

28 LEWIS, DAVID m.46 and age 27 WI Rus/Poland Rus/Poland Chemical Salesman




Marian f.41 and age 22 emig.1896 Latvia-Riva,Latvia-Riva, Latvia-Riva

Judith D. f.17 sing.

Barbara f.10sing

ILL WI Latvia

ILL WI Latvia

MO Austria Austria servant


svt. Hubert, Mary f.21 sing.

1930 ILL Cook Co. Chicago wd7 d.294 4-14-1930 pg 24a(210)

Colfax Ave.


506 LEWIS, JACOB m.37 and age

31 ILL Lith Lith architect

wf         Sylvia f.29 and age 22


son       Charles m.5


son       Howard m.4 2/12


son       Richard m.2 1/12



1930 ILL Cook Chicago wd4 d.131 4-16-1930 pg 6b 12-28 Woodlawn Ave.

107 LEWIS, BENJAMIN W. m.32 and age 32 ILL Russ Russ Chemical Salesman wf           Evelyn B. f.30 and age 30            ILL ILL ILL


Mrs. Viola Tredinnick is charted below. Her connection with the Lewis family is probably

business associate as she was a Milliner on the 1900 census at Linden.see below; 1900 WI Iowa Co. Linden Vitl.d.64 6-2-1900 pg 4b 8-39 110 Tredinnick, J. T. m.46 and 4y b.Apr 1854 WI Eng Eng Miner wf     Viola f.42 and 4y 1ch1Lg b.Apr 1858 WI Eng WI MILLINER

dau       Anna f.1            Dec 1898 WI WI WI

dau       Vera f. 1           Dec 1898 WI WI WI

son       John M.m20 sing. Sep 1879 WI WI Eng miner

son       Elmer C. m.18 sing. Aug 1881 WI WI Eng miner

svt Raynes, Annie f.29 sing. March 1871 WI Eng PA servant


1860 WI Iowa Co. Linden 7-23-1860 pg 8 10-43 491 Simon Craze m.28 farmer 800-200 England

Eliza f.21                                WI

Joseph G. m.3                          WI

Viola f.1                                    WI

Iowa County Mrgs. Vol.1 pg 64 # 1315

John T. Tredinnick, son of Nicholas & Minnie Tredinnic, miner born Linden married Vielone Craze, dau of Semion and Lidia Crase, born Linden on 11-24-1895 at Rewey,Wi by Pastor of P.M.Church, John Hardcastle of Platteville,Wi.