Miscellaneous Information about Lewis Family Members

Family of Solomon Lewis

As recalled by Jacob Lewis in February 1971


Children of Solomon and Esther Schiff Lewis

Charles Tobias (1877 Chicago)

Abraham Harris (1879 Linden)

Elijah (1881 Linden)

David (1883 Linden)

Max (1886 Linden)

Lena (1888 Linden)

Ethel/Agnes (1890 Chicago)

Jacob (1892 Chicago)

Ben (1897 Chicago)

Ida (1898 Chicago)


Other Information

Solomon Lewis had 2 Brothers and, I believe, two half Brothers:

1.  (Brother) Harris Lewis, wife Gittle (?)

Julius (Lawyer- Indian Com. Indian territory - Justice of the Peace in Wisconsin in later years, son Seymour, daughter Ethel.

Abe - mgr. of Harris's Store Linden WI; married town girl, Catie Cobb.

Gordon - attended U. Of Wisc. -- Played ball on three I league; broke arm    on training trip of White Sox; also umpired.

Ike - attended U. Of Wisconsin, graduated Civil engineer, worked for a         Railroad.

Lilly ?

Agnes- Was Highland Wisc. column editor of Dodgeville Chronicle.

Ben- Artist - Mostly religious murals in Churches of Wisc. Had a studio in     rear of highland Wise home.

Arlene (known as Lena). 

2. (Brother) Moses Ė Married Anna, was partner with Solomon and Harris Lewis,      in Highland before Solomon went into Business in Linden.

    ****(Moses was known as John by Townspeople in Highland!!)****

            Sons were Sam and Abe. 

3. (Half Brother??) Simon - Was bailiff in municipal Court of Chicago for some yrs 

4. (Another Half Brother??) Name unknown to my memory - Was in herb         business in Columbia, Kentucky for many years. (Letter addressed         there   could yield more Information as to his family. 

Solomon Lewis had a sister Ray who married Ike Marks. They were wed on my         Birthday, November 5. I donít remember the year.  The Marks had a          daughter Beatrice and a son Bertram.Solomon also had a niece, Sylvia, who married an Artist, Jack Rosenthal. He worked at       Favour Ruhl Art supply store on Wabash Avenue in Chicago.

In regard to Solomon Lewisís children: 

Charles T. Lewis had two daughters - Helen Marion Lewis, who taught English at U. of         Honolulu, and Rhoda V. Lewis, retired Assoc. Justice, Supreme Court of        Hawaii.

Abraham H. Lewis Married Gisella Eager and had one son, Leon, who had daughter            Kathy and one son.

Elijah Lewis married Grace Crockett who was a great great great niece of     Davey             Crockett of Alamo fame. Also in her family history were other greats, such as a      pioneer from Tennessee  whose name has slipped my memory; General   Lafeyette, and marquis De Chambrun. He was from a French Huguenot family.             The original family name was Croquette.  Elijah and wife had no Children.

David Lewis married Mamie Levin.  Their daughter, Judy, married Dr. Paul    Sievers.  Widowed, she married Jack Jaffee and has two children. 

In regard to Solomon Lewisís wife, Tobia Esther Schiff Lewis: 

Estherís brother, Sam, married Hanah Vera (donít know last name).

Estherís brother, Charles, married Etta and had a son, Ben.

Estherís eldest brother, Jacob, had a shoe store in Santa Barbara.

Estherís brother, Max, had a menís store in Chicago.  His daughter, Lena, married a            Balch. His daughter Ida married Isador Shuman. He had another daughter, Celia.

Estherís sister, Fanny, had a daughter, Edna,, who married Ike Crane, who had two sons, Melvin Crane and Jules Crane.  Jules married Betsy.  They have sons.

Estherís sister Jenny married Barney Berman and had sons Ben, Sam and Harold, and daughters Emma, Saretta and Celia.

Esther had cousins Ike Schiff and Ben Schiff, both bankers.


Additional Information

The original family name of Crockett was Croquettagne.

My Uncle Samís wifeís maiden name was Winsberg, I believe, and she had a brother, George Winsberg, who years ago had a large store known as Winsbergís Dept. Store on 63rd St. in Chicago.  Uncle Sam had a Dept. Store at 63rd and Wentworth near the RR traks that cross there.  Charles Schiff had a menís store on 63rd St. near Yale.  Abe Schiff had a menís store on 63rd St.  My mother had cousins by the name of Berkson.  She also had a cousin in Dublin, Ireland, whose name was Pesach Cohen, which in English is Passover Cohen.  He visited our home once upon a time.  I have often wondered if he was in some way a part of the Mayor Briscoe of Dublinís group.

Charles Berman was a runner to the front lines in WWI in France.  Uncle Charlesís son was in France in WWI In the trenches.  Seymour Lewisís son was in France in WWII.  I believe he was in the battle of the bulge. 


Addendum written a few days later than the above narrative

Esther Schiff Lewis had a brother Castle or Cassile who lived with Aunt Fanny in her later years.  Aunt Fanny had a daughter Molly and a son Harry.  Aunt Fannyís second husband was a Lappovitch.  A son Harry Lapp married Sara and they had a son, Charles.  Sara Lappís maiden name was Granat.  Molly married Barney Horwitz.  Emma Berman married Joseph Salk.  I believe he came from New York.  I havenít often wondered if he was related to Jonas Salk, the Polio researcher.  Celia Berman married Charles Kuburn.