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                         Lewis Bros. Store in HIghland, WI - 1880       Harris, Solomon and Moses Lewis in 1880
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In 1862, fourteen-year-old Harris Lewis left his home in Mariampole, Lithuania to emigrate to the United States.  He ran out of money in England and worked there to raise passage.  He then crossed the Atlantic and lived for a while with relatives in New York City, moved to Chicago, married, moved briefly to Austin, Minnesota, moved back to Chicago, then settled in Highland Wisconsin.

Harris's brothers, Solomon and Moses, emigrated together from Mariampole in 1866, through England to Chicago and eventually joined Harris in Highland.  After the three brothers opened a store there, Solomon moved to Linden, Wisconsin and opened a second store.

In 1887, the three brothers agreed to split their partnership, as stated in the following posting:


Dodgeville Chronicle  22 July 1887 - Notice of Dissolution of Partnership.

The partnership heretofore existing between Solomon Lewis, Harris Lewis and Moses Lewis doing a general mercantile business under the firm name of Lewis Bros., at Linden and Highland, Wis. Was this day by mutual consent dissolved , the business hereafter to be continued by Solomon Lewis at Linden and by Harris Lewis and Moses Lewis at Highland. All persons on knowing themselves indebted to the Linden store will please settle with S. Lewis, who assumes all liabilities of the late firm of Lewis Bros. contracted at that place, and all those indebted to the Highland store will please settle with H. Lewis and Moses Lewis, who assume all liabilities conducted by the late firm at that place.

Dated July 18th, 1887
Harris Lewis, Solomon Lewis, Moses Lewis


In 1879, Solomon sold the Linden store and moved his family to Chicago, where he lived out his life.  Harris and Moses lived out their lives in Iowa County.

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This website is intended as a living, growing chronicle of the past 140 years of the Lewis family.

We have barely begun to build this website, but we feel that it is better to make information available in a timely but somewhat disjointed fashion than to amass it for a long period before making it all available more cohesively.

The website is segmented into the following topics:

    Iowa County, Wisconsin (Highland, Linden, and Mineral Point)
    Chicago, Illinois
    England (Relatives of the Lewis Family)
    Mariampol, Lithuania
    History of Middle Europe from 1800 to 1900

    Lewis Progeny (Descendants) & Wills

As you will see, at the moment there is a fair amount of information about the Lewises in Iowa County, some about the Lewises in Chicago and about the History of MIddle Europe, a little about the Lewises in England, and almost nothing about the Lewises in Mariampol.  Naturally, we hope eventually to fill some of these gaps of knowledge.

There are also links to the following information, which spans more than one topic:

    Jacob Lewis Memoir (37-page memoir of Solomon Lewis's son, Jacob)
    Information from various sources about Lewis Family Members
    Raw Data (Census data)
    Lewis Birth and Death Records

For information about the motivation for emigrants to come to the U.S. and, in particular, Chicago, and their adjustment after immigration here, this website has borrowed heavily from "Lithuanians in Multi-ethnic Chicago until World War II," published by Lithuanian Library Press, Inc., and Loyola University Press, Chicago, Il, 1977.  We are grateful for this information.


Note: If any of you visiting this website have information that would shed light on the Lewis family, please contact lithuanialewis@gmail.com.  care of Barbara Lewis, daughter of Ted Lewis, son of Jacob Lewis, son of Solomon Lewis.

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